predictable and profitable client acquisition for b2B organizations:

The Sales Ecosystem Framework™

Yantle is a trusted partner of organizations that want to increase lead flow, generate more qualified opportunities, and acquire more clients on a continuous, predictable, and more profitable basis.

Trusted by 350+ organizations, founders, and sales reps

What is The Sales Ecosystem Framework™

A predictable path to 3x your pipeline and revenue

We've reverse-engineered the most successful sales models, strategies, and tactics to create a 4-element sales framework that consistently drives minimum 3x in pipeline. 

  • Reach out 
  • Attract
  • Transform
  • Inspire

Learn more about The Sales Ecosystem Framework™ or request a free sales roadmap according to our framework.

What do you need help with?

I need...

More leads, higher in quality, as soon as possible

The two most common lead generation problems boil down to problems with lead quantity, and lead quality. Given our extensive experience solving these challenges across a variety of industries, we've developed a winning framework that results in greater lead flow of qualified leads in exceptionally small timeframe. 

More profitable client acquisition systems

Lead generation, and sales processes in general, need to be not only effective in achieving their objectives (generating opportunities and revenue), but also efficient. We will help you to eliminate waste from your lead generation, from wasted time, money, energy, resources. As a result, you will decrease your acquisition costs and increase your margins and profitability.

We will help you to generate more leads, quicker, and cheaper

Sales strategy to stop relying on referrals

Referrals are usually easy to close, and cost next to nothing. However, this lead generation source is going to diminish sooner or later. Whether you're at that stage already or preparing for the inevitable, we will help you to set-up the right processes and systems to predictably generate and close more opportunities.

Increase my sales performance and optimize current processes

Being involved in day-to-day business and sales operations sometimes leads to blind spots and errors in judgement, often visible only to an outside observer. After 200+ client acquisition campaigns, we're equipped to spot opportunities for improvement, while implementing our processes that consistently lead to growth in revenue.

A sales plan to expand into new markets

Expanding into new territories, whether in geographical areas or business verticals, requires sound strategy for acquiring key accounts, often without relevant points of reference. Yantle assisted some of the world's most trusted brands with penetration of new territories with easy to implement plans of action. Schedule a no-commitment meeting to discuss your project in more detail.

Help acquiring my first customers

Assisting startups and new organizations with lead generation, go-to-market strategy, and initial growth processes remains one of our most satisfying endeavors. If you're interested in a process for generating your first leads and sales, which will keep in mind your budget and individual needs or constraints, a discovery meeting is the next best step!


Scale lead generation and close more deals

Grow your outbound efforts with confidence, knowing that you have a proven system that will generate more leads and revenue month over month, while decreasing your costs.

Beyond expectations.

Delivering on our promise of increasing lead flow and sales is paramount. Discover the impact we've delivered as a result of our recent project with Clay.

Working with David was an eye opener, he showed us the scientific method for cold emailing.

Sean O'Shea

CEO | majestykapps

''Highly recommended to any business owner looking to increase sales''

Nicholas Thiade

CEO | Cloudradar

''Launching our first outbound email campaign, we've received valuable support from Yantle to set up and optimize our campaigns. Just after launching and without any iterations, we were able to achieve above industry average metrics''

Generate 20-40% Reply Rates From Cold Email Campaigns

Apply the 20/60/20 rule of copywriting to instantly improve your outbound campaigns. Generate more replies without additional time or financial investment. 

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