The 20/60/20 rule for writing high-converting LinkedIn and cold emails

Learn how to generate between 20-40% reply rates


What Our Clients Say

"We were able to generate leads, appointments, and useful conversations, just as to build a wide pool of potential clients we can nurture and sell to"

Ivan Borovikov

''Launching our first outbound email campaign, we've received valuable support from Yantle to set up and optimize our campaigns. Just after launching and without any iterations, we were able to achieve above industry average metrics''

Nicholas Thiade


What’s Inside?


A very simple and easy to understand, yet powerful, lead generation and personalization framework.


Templates that will form a solid basis and foundation for your campaigns. Simply use the provided materials, edit, and apply it in your business.

Underlying Principles

You will be not only given the framework and templates, but also the underlying principles that makes this technique successful. 

From the Author

David Kanika

"Hello and thank you for considering the 20/60/20 Framework. I've worked with companies of all sizes on their lead generation, from small startups to large organizations. As simply as it sounds, in many cases, their sales teams face similar challenges. Getting in front of the right person, engaging them, generating a response, and then a meeting. I started to notice different patterns and principles that would distinguish between a winning campaign, and a losing one. The 20/60/20 is one of these techniques. Grab it today for free and learn from the mistakes I did!"

- David

Start Generating 20-40% Reply Rates on Outbound Sales Campaigns