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Achieve 20-40% Reply Rates in Your Cold Outreach Campaigns with ONE Simple Framework

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One simple framework

Learn just one simple copywriting framework that is going to drive more than 80% of all your future successful cold email campaigns.

Copywriting processes

The trick of high-converting emails isn't luck or innate skill, it's the process that drives your copywriting. Learn how to consistently churn out and test different sales angles and email experiments.

The underlying principles

In contrast to the ever-so-popular "cold email templates" that don't work and get copied, you will learn the actual underlying principles of great copywriting. This way, you can create your own high-converting templates without being depended on anyone. 

Real-life examples

This training is not only theory. You will receive several examples of real cold emails to understand how to use the framework and principles in action, in your business!

What others are saying about this training:

We were able to generate leads, appointments, and useful conversations, just as to build a wide pool of potential clients we can nurture and sell to

Ivan B.

CEO - MindBox

''Launching our first outbound email campaign, we've received valuable support from Yantle to set up and optimize our campaigns. Just after launching and without any iterations, we were able to achieve above industry average metrics''

Nicholas Thiade

Founder - CloudRadar

"Wow, way more than I was expecting. Really knows his stuff. Highly Recommended."



Learn the key concepts of highly effective cold email copywriting!