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The ultimate prospecting and personalized outreach training for successful B2B sales!

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In this free training your will discover...

Prospecting at scale

How to do prospecting at scale to get the best and highest quality information on your ideal prospects without expensive software!

In-depth research process

How to target with pinpoint accuracy your ideal high-return prospects, do the necessary research, and target them using their exact pain points

Synchronize outreach

How to use the best (but not the most expensive) outreach tools in synchrony to manage complex outreach systems with a click of a button.

Build your team

How to recruit, screen, hire and delegate your entire prospecting system to a team of low-cost but quality and trained VA so you can run a real business and not wear every hat!

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"Excellent course content, very good insights and practical advice. I find this very useful."


CTO & Co-founder

"Good course, well laid out and to the point, found some good resources I was not aware of. I will be following the steps outlined in the course and try building this funnel process myself but having had some experience in the space, I can tell this process will likely work well."



"Wow, what a great course. Well laid out and simple to understand and some real gold nugget takeaways."



Learn the key concepts of automated prospecting and cold emailing!