Case study: prospecting and list building for a design and animation studio

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Southam Design & Animation Case Study

Name: Southam Design & Animation (

Industry: Creative services 

1 - The challenge

Our client's creative specialization is the production of high-quality animated explainer videos. 

Yantle was selected to compile prospecting lists of targeted and suitable SaaS organizations and their decision makers to fuel SDA's lead generation.

2 - Our strategy

The SaaS industry widely uses explainer videos. To make maximize our client's chances of success, we decided to target specific industries that would find animated videos most valuable.

We decided to narrow down our search to B2B SaaS organizations with complex products and a sales price that warrants a consideration.

The targeted segments were:

  • A/B testing software
  • Applicant tracking software
  • Enterprise planning software
  • Multi-channel eCommerce marketing platforms

3 - The launch

Three important aspects in play ensured that this project was concluded successfully.

Firstly, we identified a great source of data - a SaaS review platform.

Second, our team of experienced lead generation and research specialists.

Lastly, our techstack of the best prospecting and email verification tools.

The following data was collected:

  • Full name
  • Position
  • Valid company email
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Website

4 - Results

We successfully completed the project with verified and targeted lists of decision makers from four technology industries.

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