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Nash Case Study

Name: Nash (usenash.com)

Industry: Marketplace - Nash offers a user friendly API and a platform that creates a marketplace for restaurants and other instant food order providers and delivery drivers

1 - The challenge

Nash's first obstacle in their sales approach revolved around timely and accurate data collection of data that can be used in their sales approach. The initial focus was on the supply side - organizations that sold food via their own online sales channel such website or an app.

Our responsibility was to gather key decision makers of organizations that fit these and other criteria, and to collect their contact information.

2 - Our strategy

Our approach wasn't unified and focused on just one stream of data.

Multiple sources were used to gather the information, including:

  • Directories
  • LinkedIn
  • Pitchbook.com 

The goal was to gather data of two key decision makers, preferably at different positions, that will be suitable and relevant in Nash's outreach.

The following data was collected:

  • Full name
  • Position
  • Valid company email
  • LinkedIn URL
  • Website
  • Background information

3 - The launch

The launch of this campaign was relatively standard in our approach.

At Yantle, we use our usual stack of technology, tools and processes to gather accurate information in the shortest possible time for projects just like this.

Two team members were used with a variety of roles, ranging from:

  • data collection
  • good-fit analysis
  • data consolidation
  • QA

Our client has immediate access to all the data through Google sheets in order to monitor the progress.

4 - Results

We established a predictable and scalable process that produced the right prospects on a daily basis.

The team at Nash could rely on the data accuracy just as the continuous flow of new prospects that fueled their sales outreach. 

With a prospecting system in place, our client was able to focus on other, more high-priority tasks such as writing of sales cadences, sales meetings, and improving their API platform.

Access sample data from this campaign.

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