Prospecting, list building, and research for targeted and personalized lead generation

We will assist you with building targeted lists for outbound sales

Having the right offer in the B2B world is just a part of the battle. To effectively sell your product or service, you need the right people to contact. 

Our prospecting and research service helps our clients with data collection and research on their ideal customers. We will source contact information and any other relevant data you can leverage in your sales outreach. 

Our prospecting process

Customer Personas


We will start working off a detailed description of your ideal customer.

Data collection


Next, we will start with data collection using a suite of paid tools to get accurate, up-to-date data.



Our clients that sell products or services at a higher price point usually need additional research on the target person or organization. We will supply more data that can be used in sales outreach

What will you get?

Verified emails and contact information

Our techstack and layering of some of the best verification tools on the market ensure 99% data accuracy

In-depth prospect and account data

We will collect information such as: full name, valid email address, LinkedIn URL, company name, and any additional research needed

Instant information access

You will be given your own Google sheet for every new prospecting campaign we launch. You will receive access to see the campaign process in real-time

No additional costs

We use the best prospecting tools on the market, however this cost is not transferred to you, all tools are on us

Your full-time researcher & QA

We have a team of researches that can dedicate their entire working schedule to your project. Secondly, all your data will go through our QA process before hand-off

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