September 17

What selling door-to-door taught me about lead magnets and sales

I was a door-to-door salesman for around 3 months just after school and before I went to university. It was a brief, intense and very educational experience I am grateful for.

That job had VERY high staff turnover. People can’t cope with the entire day of walking, rejection, prospects being dishonest you right in the face.

Plus, it was a commission-only role, working as an independent contractor.

Meaning you eat what you kill. I consider myself lucky going through this experience, it was the most powerful and impactful experience I could have at that time, that ultimately ignated my passion for sales.

So how is this relevant to building lead magnets?

I wasn’t selling a tech product, let alone anything B2B.

While the product and market were different, you still sell to people no matter that products/services you offer.

Forget for a second about B2B, B2C, B2B2C acronyms.

We are all humans and we operate based on emotions.

Broadly speaking, we all want and are repelled by the same emotional levers, to various degrees depending on our personality, history and subjective experience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re closing a prospect in their living room, over the phone or through your sales copy.

Now, I assume we all know why having a great lead magnet is extremely powerful. Lead magnets are not only for paid advertising, but also for outbound sales (cold email, Linkedin) and serve a ”gift” that displays your throught leadership.

Just imagine having this one piece of an amazing resource that does several things for you, that will directly contribute to the number of leads you attract into your pipeline.

A good lead magnet will:
— Position you as the industry leader
— Pushes your leads into your funnel (sign-ups, subscribers, demos, presentations, discovery call) so you can sell to them later
— Shifts the relationship – you’re no longer a stranger
— Qualifies them that they have a need for your product or service (given your lead magnet is related to your product, which is a must)
— Increases chances of your content being shared and gaining some viral momentum (free advertising)

What’s even better, a good lead magnet can be recycled, repackaged or just kept the way it is and used for years and years to come.

You can distribute your lead magnets on a variety of platforms from Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Linkedin organic posting and Linkedin or cold email outreach.

My experience selling door-to-door helped me to realize one important thing: At any given time, you need to do just enough to get to the next step with your prospect.

If you’re knocking on strangers’ doors, you can’t start with a full-on in-your-face pitch, or get into the offer and ask for money right there and then.

You need to baby step it, and give them just enough so they are interested to hear more.

From there you have to give them a little more of what they want so they let you in. Not only physically (in their house) but also emotionally, to consider you as a person they will comfortable with, someone who can provide them with value, and someone they see exchanging money with in the future.

Your sales performance will almost always depend on the trust you can build.

Your lead magnet must be the same – solve one specific problem they need to have solved. By being relevant and positioning yourself as an expert, you wil start the process of gaining trust with your prospects.

A good lead magnet will immediately communicate it’s value and your users will say YES/NO under 3 seconds.

Just like you can’t go into a long boring pitch straight after you knock on someone’s door, the same way you can’t offer someone a 150 page book or a video course with 22 chapters.

By knowing what my prospects want to hear back then, I was able to get inside and close them – a complete stranger giving me their bank details in under 45m of meeting me

This is a very basic concept that helped me to get promoted at around 2 months and lead a team. I was also offered to stay and gain a managerial promotion (which I turned down).

Lead magnets are luckily much simpler – the commitment is considerably smaller. You need their email, and I’d argue also their commitment to go through the information.

But to get both, you need to deeply nderstand what your market desires, and offer them just enough so you can ‘get in’ to build further relationship.

Don’t think about what you want, which is their money.

Instead, think about what they want and what they NEED to hear at their specific point in their journey, so they trust you enough to let you in.

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