#1 Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin is a powerful tool built for business professionals, rich in accurate self-reported data.

Using Sales Navigator is our go-to method for obtaining high-quality and targeted prospects.

Because of its ability to narrow down the audience based on several criteria, Linkedin is a fast and reliable source of relevant data.

#2 Lead generation platforms

There has been a steady influx of new lead generation platforms.

These SaaS tools work with databases of scraped information, which is then returned to you based on the criteria you search for.

This prospecting method is useful particularly if you’re looking for information that you couldn’t achieve using Linkedin.

For instance, builtwith.com is able to provide tech background of each website the tool gives you.

This functionality is not available with Linkedin.

#3 List brokers

Using list brokers is by far the least desirable way to obtain prospects.

The truth is, not all brokers are created equal. You may find good and bad lists.

However, in general, lists built by someone else have questionable quality.

You are never sure about the of those leads, the quality of data, and how the leads were collected in the first place.

I’d recommend using this source as the last resource, if you can’t build a list using #1 or #2 above.

Some industries can benefit from this, but be careful and conduct thorough due diligence before buying anything.

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