September 16

What’s the best way to source prospects for outbound sales?

Your prospect list matters as much as your message

While many experts, blogs and ”gurus” talk about their winning cold email or Linkedin script, almost every one of them avoids the important topic of building a quility prospect list.

Clearly, the quality of the list will determine or at least heavily influence the overall success.

Targeted, receptive and full of fear/pain/need list will convert much better than someone who is totally unqualified.

That leads us to a questions – what’s the best way to get cheap but high-quality B2B prospects?

Outbound sales can be tricky. From picking the right technology, source of leads, to navigating around regulations.

Especially founders, independent consultants or understaffed sales tend to be overwhelmed.

More information doesn’t equal better decision or a better campaign set-up.

When it comes to prospecting, there are too many tools doing essentially the same thing, but repackaged, making them seem different

Or at least they should be doing the same thing, because in reality, the performance varies greatly.

Let’s address the first issue – should you buy a list of prospects to target/reach out to, or should you build your own list?

Should you go through the hassle of getting your own prospects? It involves a lot of manual labour, research, prospecting, playing around with tools, configurations, cost.

To make the story short – the answer is yes. You should go through all this.

List brokers just don’t work because of the low-quality data they are selling. Not only it’s inaccurate, it’s also in my opinion overpriced.

Another benefit of building your own list is that you can control the entire process.

You control how many people in an organization to find, what level of research to do on each person, the costs, just as how ”fresh” the list is.

Our outbound prospecting method that is taught to our clients can bring the cost per prospect WITH research to $0.36/prospect. By doing so, we take on the entire responsibility from our clients’ shoulders. We have an outbound sales system we seamlessly deploy.

Apart from list brokers, you have now an increasingly greater number of prospecting tools.

Therefore the next question is: should you be using a manual process in combination with research tools vs one ”robust” lead generation platform (e.g. findthatlead.com or builtwith.com where you simply input position, region and company size to receive prospects in a neat CSV format?

In the past, I’d be inclided to say ”it depends”. However, after running cold email and Linkedin outbound campaigns for over 3 years, and testing dozens of similar tools, my answer is once again: build your own.

Caveat, in case that you’re planning on sending high volume emails to low quality prospects without any research(we never recommend this, it’s not worth it), a lead generation platform that very quickly and easily returns leads may be the best option.

However, only human research in combination with some tools (mostly for email search and validation) are able to yield high-quality results, at a good price, and allow for simultaneous and easy research.

The majority of our campaigns consist of a process where:

1) A number of tools work in synchrony – from prospect source to the research process

2) Manual research -> data sync

3) Data sync and dual cold outreach automation management / sales play (emails and Linkedin) in the Hybdrid Automations System

Therefore to summary, the order of effectivess when it comes to prospecting (from the best to worst):

  1. Manual search with prospecting tools
  2. Automated prospecting platforms
  3. List brokers and list resellers

The truth is that the state of outbound sales also depends on:

[ personalization ] + [ context / fit / relevance ]

To realize these elements fully, and to target the right people, you need a human element to manage the automation (partial automation).

Because our clients in a way ”outsource” this process to us, it results in:

1) full control of the prospecting process
2) full control of the data quality
3) full control of costs and cost per lead

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