Case study: Go-to-market strategy for a C-suite consulting marketplace

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C-suite and fractional CxO marketplace

Industry: 2-sided marketplace

1. The challenge

Our client was facing the challenge of acquiring their first users for a fractional executive marketplace.

As a two-sided marketplace, they needed a predictable and scalable system to acquire the demand side (businesses needing executives), and also the supply side (the executives) of their marketplace.

2. Our strategy

Our strategy was centered around market-specific conditions and sales challenges our client faced. 

We designed a custom, step-by-step execution strategy focused on both sides of the marketplace, covering the following areas, supplemented by resources and templates:

  • Customer persona  & Ideal Customer Profile Development
  • Messaging and sales angles creation
  • Copywriting
  • Prospecting systems and personalization
  • Outbound sales systems
    • Cold email
    • LinkedIn 
    • Cadence building
    • Performance Testing Frameworks
  • Awareness & PR
  • LinkedIn social selling
  • Costs breakdown
  • Timeline of actions

3. The launch

The entire go-to-market strategy was delivered through a variety of formats:

  • PDF documents
  • Worksheets and templates
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Custom-made videos
  • Follow-up calls

4. Results

Our client was fully equipped with a tailored and detailed step-by-step sales and marketing strategy, ready to acquire their first paying customers.

From our client, Philip...

Who are you and why did you want to work with Yantle?

I am Phil, the owner of a CxO marketplace. I originally met and engaged David in order to help me define my business and sales strategy.

What did you get from working with David and Yantle?

So what David did, was really much more than just helping me to develop a plan or strategy of organizing resources to deliver our unique value proposition, and to achieve a competitive advantage.

It was a bit beyond that. David was able to look into and define what my business is, how my business model works, understand my values as a person, as a business, as a company and really drill down into the market.

He really did the core and key market research necessary for understanding of what's out there on the market, how you can really position and better serve it through a better competitive advantage.

And to take it a step further, he was able to help us define all the steps from start to finish as far as what to do in terms of sales, and how to get to our goals.

What did you like the most about your project?

David was able to answer all of my questions: the how, the what, the where and the why as far as go-to-market strategy goes. Ultimately connecting the dots in terms of achieving our desired end result.

Taking it a step further than that, David was able to help us apply all the tools and resources including pricing estimates in regards to outsourcing the entire process, building a team, or doing everything in-house.

Any last thoughts?

So with all that being said, David did a more than great job. He did a fantastic job as far as setting me in the right direction. The material  was fantastic and I couldn't be in a better position than I am today without Dave's help. All the information, tools and support were much appreciated and I look forward to working with David and Yantle in the future.

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