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Case study: lead generation in the FinTech industry

Diligend Case Study

Name: Diligend

Industry: FinTech - due diligence solution for financial institutions allowing easier and streamlined selection of external fund managers

1 - The challenge

Diligend needed to acquire their first customers to build use cases, trust and track record that would fuel their sales and marketing going forward. The challenge was, how to generate leads and sell into financial institutions (banks, pension funds, consulting firms etc.) without a strong track record?

2 - Our strategy

In terms of market-message strategy, we leveraged their unique offering and a number of specific features that we knew the market is not handling adequately. Due to the unique offering and strong product, we decided to go with a more direct cold emailing approach, aiming for very targeted 2-3 customer profiles in each approached organization.

3 - The launch

The launch was quite unique in our decision to avoid relationship building, but focus more on getting the product in front of a very targeted audience quickly. We knew they have a pain we can address. Instead of content marketing in the front end, we were armed with content that we dripped in follow-up email sequences and after the initial positive sales-touch was secured.

4 - Results

We significantly (4x) outperformed Diligend's previous sales efforts. And some of our campaigns generated up to 22% positive reply rates. As a result, we produced valuable leads in several financial institutions which resulted in closed deals. Secondly, we also facilitated a number of in-person meetings in London which Diliegend's senior management (normally based in the US) attended.

From Diligend...

''David is excellent with email campaigns, he managed in a short period of time to build the right messages and techniques with emails sent to our prospects. We had very good responses and with some of them an average reply rate of over 22%. David is good also with creating follow-up emails, structuring arguments, counterarguments, tailoring responses and sales materials, as well as creating negotiation techniques and strategies''

Wissem Souissi

CEO | diligend.com

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