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Case study: lead generation for an omnichannel MarTech leader

MindBox Case Study

Name: MindBox

Industry: SaaS - omnichannel marketing platform

1 - The challenge

MindBox is a well established player in the omnichannel marketing space in Eastern Europe and ex-Soviet block countries.

Having a strong presence in their market and clients including Under Armour, Burger King, M&S, Panasonic etc., MindBox planned an expansion into the UK market. 

However, they lacked a streamlined lead generation process addressing the western market that would fuel their growth.

2 - Our strategy

Our strategy driving this campaign rested on three key elements:

1) Demonstrating a specific need, pain and fit of each organization we targeted. This was accomplished by researching their current disjointed MarTech stack with builtwith.com and using this data in our cold outreach cadences.

2) Building of long-term relationships using Linkedin outreach and connecting with prospects in addition to cold email.

3) Demonstrating thought leadership and product features using organic Linkedin messaging.

3 - The launch

Launching this campaign required a number of systems working together in synchrony.

For one, we supplied our client with a dedicated, full-time prospecting person, a copywriter and a campaign manager.

We consistently A/B tested and optimized every aspect of each cadence.

From request messages, cold emails, subject lines, sales hooks and also the extent of research we include in our messaging.

4 - Results

The first goal we achieved was establishing a reliable and scalable outbound sales process using three different channels (cold email, Linkedin, LinkedIn organic/inbound funnel). 

After the initial analysis, we realized that Linkedin and building relationships should be used as the primary channel with cold emails as a supporting channel.

We achieved up to 30% connection, 10% reply and 2-3% meeting rates with the target audience on Linkedin from initial cold outreach. We were able to fill up our client's calendar for their ''roadshow'' visit and in-person meetings.

The success of follow-up sequences was increased by continuous nurturing with organic posting on our client's profile.

From MindBox...

''We were able to fully outsource and automate our top of funnel lead generation activity to David and his team. They supported us through a turnkey Linkedin and cold email outreach, from prospecting and copywriting, to campaign management and A/B testing. We were able to generate leads, appointments, and useful conversations, just as to build a wide pool of potential clients we can nurture and sell to.''

Ivan Borovikov

CEO | MindBox

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