Engineer a predictable sales machine in your business

High-impact and sustainable changes to how you conduct sales

Engagement Stage 1:
Sales Strategy Consulting

Not achieving your results can be due to fundamental misalignments in your business, or because of some small problems in your sales process. Having experienced hundreds of sales campaigns, we will provide unbiased analysis of your sales process. Based on this, you will receive step-by-step impact strategies to ignite your sales.

Internal review & analysis

- Sales process
- Performance & benchmarking
- Customer avatar analysis
- Audience surveys

External Review & ANAlysis

- Emerging trends
- Competitor analysis
- Competitor sales process review


- Impact strategy 
- Sales and positioning recommendations
- Implementation blueprint

Engagement Stage 2:
Sales Strategy Implementation

Our impact is never only theoretical. We will put our hypotheses, strategies and recommendations to test in order to identify the best solution. Then, we will hand over the entire system to you and your team.

rapid testing

- Testing of our strategies and recommendations
- Analysis and iteration 


- Final report of recommendations
- Performance overview of impact strategies
- Plan for scaling
- Long-term implementation plans

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

- SOPs for efficient and independent implementation of impact strategies in your business
- Training for you and your team
- Resources tailored for your business

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is an impact strategy?

Impact strategy is a strategy that will create a significant and long-term positive change in your business.

Example 1:
If your business relies on word of mouth marketing, an example of your impact strategy can be an outbound lead generation campaign using personalization and research. We'll develop and test this strategy before handover.

Example 2:
You run cold email campaign that is underperforming. An example of your impact strategy can be systemic changes to your sales process, including actual processes and the tools you use. Secondly, we can recommend changing your positioning and the audience you sell to.

Do I need to work through both stages?

No. Every client starts with Engagement Stage 1, but progressing to Stage 2 is optional.

How does the pricing work?

We work on custom pricing, as every project is different and will require different level of engagement. To know more about pricing, get in touch and tell us more about you.

How long is a normal engagement?

Engagement Stage 1: 2-3 weeks

Engagement Stage 2: 4-7 weeks

What companies will benefit from this the most?

B2B organizations at any stage of their growth that need to improve their sales processes and performance.

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