Our Hybrid Automations lead generation system uses LinkedIn™, cold emails and content marketing to generate leads on autopilot

Fully managed, done-for-you business development and lead generation

The Hybrid Automations Lead Generation System

Sales professionals, consultants, or businesses expanding into new markets struggle to create a scalable, predictable and repeatable outbound sales processes.

The lack of strategy, clarity, time constraints, and often also the lack of expertise necessary to produce consistent results tend to be the contributing factors.

Our Hybrid Automations System is a done-for-you system that delivers qualified leads to our B2B clients on a consistent basis. We handle the entire lead generation process, from prospecting, qualifying and research, to outreach. This way, you can focus on high-impact activities (closing and service delivery) while we handle the rest on your behalf.

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Success Stories

''David is excellent with email campaigns, he managed in a short period of time to build the right messages and techniques with emails sent to our prospects. We had very good responses and with some of them an average reply rate of over 22%. David is good also with creating follow-up emails, structuring arguments, counterarguments, tailoring responses and sales materials, as well as creating negotiation techniques and strategies''

Wissem Souissi

CEO | diligend.com

''It was great to get an outsider's perspective on marketing our products. David was able to point out things that should have been obvious to us, but we totally overlooked''

James Sullivan

CEO | CloudAnswers

''We were able to fully outsource and automate our top of funnel lead generation activity to David and his team. They supported us through a turnkey Linkedin and cold email outreach, from prospecting and copywriting, to campaign management and A/B testing. We were able to generate leads, appointments, and useful conversations, just as to build a wide pool of potential clients we can nurture and sell to.''

Ivan Borovikov

CEO | MindBox

''David is knowledgeable and to the point - he will get you results''

Ken Lee

Co-founder | healthbanc.com

''Highly recommended to any business owner looking to increase sales''

Sean O'Shea

CEO | MajestykApps

''Launching our first outbound email campaign, we've received valuable support from Yantle to set up and optimize our campaigns. Just after launching and without any iterations, we were able to achieve above industry average metrics''

Nicholas Thiade

CEO | CloudRadar

''Exactly the support I needed. Strategy for initial customer acquisition was detailed. Went above and beyond with creating the sales strategy and setting up a game plan for my SaaS business. Highly recommended.''

Frank Avila

CEO | ExpressPass

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will you also close my leads for me?

We will generate leads for you (sales calls, demos, or further email communication to funnel the lead through the sales process). However, we will not close projects/deals on your behalf. We noticed that the level at which our clients operate often requires industry expertise to manage sales negotiations and other nuances. Due to this, we split the work with our clients according to our strengths. We will deliver the leads for you, and you will close them.

Is my business right for this service?

Our done-for-you service works the best for B2B organizations where the average annual contract value (how much you collect from an average customer in 12 months) is at least $2,000 - $3,000.

How do you define prospects and leads?

Prospect: a person whose personal information we collected and conducted research on. Prospects are our target audience who will be contacted.

Lead: a person that displayed active interest in your product or service. We will hand over leads to you to further nurture or directly close.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. We offer a performance guarantee.

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How The Hybrid Automations System Works

Our done-for-you service is mostly suitable, but not limited to, specific organizations such as:

  • SaaS and technology companies
  • Consultants - professional services (IT, finance, management consulting, eCommerce, supply chain, procurement, outsourcing, compensation, HR etc.)
  • Consultants - soft skill consulting (teamwork, communication, leadership, etc.)
  • Businesses expanding into new markets
  • Insurance firms (commercial product lines)
  • Private investigators
  • Attorneys
  • Non-profits

Process Overview

01 Lead Audit

Growth Roadmap: Your project will be initiated by a deep dive into your target audience and and business competencies. By the end of the Lead Audit, we will have a detailed Growth Roadmap that will guide the strategy, execution and timeline of the entire project.​​

02 Client Attraction

Power Positioning: We will take into consideration your products or services, the market landscale and your business imperatives. We will help you to establish which special part of the marketplace (and your market's mind) to occupy, and how does it provide more value to them. Simple tweaks in this area alone is often responsible for significant increases in revenue.

Market-Message-Match: U​​nderstanding your audience, your business, and the position you occupy on the market will allow us to create a clear alignment between the market's needs and your solution, resulting in a clear and persuasive communication strategy.

03 Hybrid Demand Generation Systems

Our lead generation system has 3 core compontents that we will fully manage to drive leads to your business.

Linkedin Direct Outreach: We will find your target audience - your Ideal Customer Profiles on Linkedin (name, email, company), research their background (personal and business), connect, engage and follow-up on your behalf. You will benefit from two copywriters, one full-time prospecting team member and one account manager, all working on your project.

Linkedin Organic Messaging: If you're not promoting yourself on Linkedin, your status as a thought and industry leader is not really crystalized in your users' minds. While blogging and newsletter are effective, Linkedin provides a much cheaper and quicker way to display expertise to targeted audience on a continuos basis. It's free lead generation that will support our Linkedin outreach.

Cold Email: Depending on our strategy, we will run cold email campaigns before, after or simultaneously with Linkedin outreach. This type of a funnel and sales play demands a careful orchestration between various channels to create the maximal impact and often geometrically greater impact.

04 Scalability

Automation: The only way you can achieve sustained success with activities such as organic posting, direct Linkedin outreach and cold emails, is with automation. Synchronizing the various channels into one seamless sales sequence fueled by automation results in a successful and scalable campaign.

Appointment setting: A dedicated member of our team will learn every detail related to your product, customers and the market situation to be able to answer and bridge the gap between a lead's reply, and securing an appointment for you.​​

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Free Sales Training

The exact process and method we use to generate leads at will using Linkedin and cold email at 40% reply rate

The 20/60/20 rule is one of the core copywriting principles used in our outbound campaigns. Learn the underlying principles, and what causes ideal clients to say yes to your offer

  • Personalize your emails at scale for higher conversions
  • Use a proven method we've perfected and successfully executed on over 25 client campaigns
  • Double or triple your converion rates without any further investment into technology, tools or coaches

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